Image of a HD Tapestry featuring "The Lovers" by Rob Enoch


"I speak the words that Create"


Top Left:

  • Godel Ontological Proof: Object x has the godlike property if and only if for every property phi, if phi is a positive property, then x has property phi.” This line defines “God” in the context of Gödel’s proof. Gödel does this by defining a “godlike” object. In order for an object to be godlike, it must have every good property.
  • Schema of a holographic projector

Top Right:

  • Orb formed from Abrahadabra
  • Sigil Tech: Kamea 6×6
    Sigils/Binary Read in order

I AM the Seed
That Becomes the Tree
That yields the Fruit

Center (Top to Bottom):

  • Ain Sof: The concept of god’s existence outside of its creation representing infinity/quantum soup of possibility
  • The Kaballah: A model of the cosmology of the multi-dimensional universe/multiverse
  • The Egg: Representative of the Soul and the incubation of the Godhead through refinement via observation (experience)
  • 4 primals: Representative of the base archtypal form that the subconscious observer uses alchemically to form its conscious experience (Building blocks – assembled in a 6×6 formation (the qubit – the 3d pixel)
  • Pineal Gland/3rd Eye: Representing hardware that connects the solar consciousness to the vessel. Expanding as a multifaceted eye that outputs the holographic universe within the vessel and projecting it out to a positive manifestation
  • AUR: God’s infinite light – Representing the data formed in the negative existence (the Quantum Void/Ain Sof)
  • The Hemispheres and the Celestial map:  Representing the expansion of the positive manifestation, AND the sources of light information that directly affect our relative perspective.

Large Scale Art
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