Rob Enoch – Visionary Artist, Digital Alchemist, Psychonaut.

Rob has carried a deep passion for art and creativity throughout his life.
Beginning in the auditory and performance arts, he spent the years between 1999 and 2018 performing on stage at various events and festivals throughout the Western US.

His style of blending deep techno and broken beat was considered underground and always well-received.

His experiences with the music, culture, and psychedelics led him to become an explorer of consciousness.
Ever the student, ever the seeker.
Living a life less ordinary.

The turn into visual art happened in 2018. Brought on from the desire to share that which he has seen and experienced throughout his journey.
In most cases, the information is difficult to communicate outside of cryptic visual representation.

He found a talent in his ability to convey information through art and symbolism.

As a developing artist, his early focus was placed on the principles of geometry, light and shadow, and relative perception.
Developing his hand-drawn skills with sacred geometry and stipple techniques.

He has since grown into using tools in a digital format and creating large-scale works to represent that which he finds value in leaving for future generations.

His passion for history and the advancements of technology have brought him into the world of Web3. Particularly fond of the Bitcoin Blockchain as a medium for creating digital artifacts.

He begins his mission of encrypting important historical events and sacred information and cataloging them in an immutable form.