FOMO Coins

A convergence of History, Art, and Technology.

The History

Drawing inspiration from the craftsmanship of historical hand-inscribed hobo coins,
these extraordinary artifacts transcend the boundaries of both art and finance.

A homage to the history of transforming Fungible Tokens into Non-Fungible works of art.

The Art

A truly unique and scarce collection of digital artifacts.

Showcasing culture viewed through the eyes of the humble artist,
Each coin capturing the essence of human creativity and innovation that has been found throughout the ages.

The Technology

In 2023, we are witness to a significant leap forward in the preservation of history.
Powered by the fusion of state-of-the-art Blockchain Technology and Classic Ordinal Theory.

FOMO coins emerge as immutable digital assets, unable to be altered by human hands.
Demonstrating a means of safeguarding important events and information to be passed on to future generations.


20 Coins will be released per year, beginning in 2023