Grand Architect

"Grand Architect"

"Mathematics is the language of Nature"

An Initiate would spend as much time as it takes to learn to use the tools and the language of nature before taking another step

Compass and Square; the master tools. 
Everything begins with a circle

The Pineal Gland has been represented throughout history to house the soul or consciousness. A reminder that the observer shapes its universe. By learning to use the tools properly; we can orchestrate grand design.

“God is a circle, whose center is everywhere, and whose circumference is nowhere”
-Hermes Trismegistus

Master Resolution: 12000 x 12000 @ 300ppi

Mixed Mediums:
Compass and Straight Edge,
Graphite Pencil, Pen Stipple
Digital Tools.

Large Scale Art
Calls for Large Scale Print

Rob Enoch dreams and creates big.
All Master Copies are created in UHD resolution at large canvas sizes.
Special care and sacrifice of resource is given to provide clear and precise print quality;
at most any size, from tiny to massive.

Stay Tuned for available print mediums for “Grand Architect”