I am RA

"I AM Ra"

"An Ode to the Law of One"

Gematria: 121 (42 Simple – the degree point at which light diffracts into 7 rays.

An Ode to those who dedicated their careers to transcribing the “Law of One”;
and to the energetic being that acted as herald of its principals.

Ra suggests:
that we share the same consciousness, from multiple perspectives simultaneously as a 6D Web of Solar Consciousness.
Transmitted remotely over bands of light; and picked up by our internal hardware (Pineal Gland).

Master Resolution: (Landscape) 20000 x 13333 @ 300ppi

Mixed Mediums:
PhotoSmashing, Digital Objects, Digital Tools

Large Scale Art
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Rob Enoch dreams and creates big.
All Master Copies are created in UHD resolution at large canvas sizes.
Special care and sacrifice of resource is given to provide clear and precise print quality;
at most any size, from tiny to massive.

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