The Egg

Image of a HD Tapestry featuring "The Egg" by Rob Enoch

"The Egg"

"An Ode to Andy Weir"

A model of the alchemical process of the soul or spirit. 

Representing the incubation process of the Godhead.  Becoming gold through refinement via observation (equal to all the lifetimes of experience)

Included are the Strings of the holographic universe in a dimensional expansion.  The observer holds within itself the negative existence and propels the will into positive manifestation.  “Reality” as it is.

The first step is to take back the control of the being;
 and respectfully accepting your position as a clueless creator

“That is the birth of responsibility”
-Alan Watts

Large Scale Art
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Rob Enoch dreams and creates big.
All Master Copies are created in UHD resolution at large canvas sizes.
Special care and sacrifice of resource is given to provide clear and precise print quality;
at most any size, from tiny to massive.

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